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Maltese veterans MartYrium join SinFest Metal Festival 2018’s ever growing lineup.

MartYriuM was formed by Count Mortem in 1999 who conveyed his ideas into a mix of black/death metal riffs. Alongside Úmarth who contributed a deluge of sinister orchestrations focused on bringing the much desired dark atmospheric tone. With Sherath’s barrage of melodic riffs, Sandmist’s substratum bass-tunes and Obscure’s diabolical growls Martyrium breeds a particular sound […]

The ‘Rabid Bitch of the North’ is coming all the way from N. Ireland

Rabid Bitch of the North are a three piece heavy metal band from Belfast Northern Ireland. They are very much inspired by traditional heavy metal bands and associate themselves with the NWOBHM and it’s descendants. The bands musical character and individuality is very important to their ethos and ultimately they aim to be themselves. They […]

Blackened Death band from Chile, ‘Unblessed’ added to the bill.

UNBLESSED was formulated during 1999 as an attempt by guitarist Paul Callahan and guitarist Jorge Castro to fuse Black Metal with Gothenburg Death Metal style. Joining the pair would be drummer Ivan Graepp and subsequently bassist Felipe Rodriguez. In 2014 Unblessed released their third album, A DVD called “The bane shall rise” and their first […]